Highland Teen Streamlines Wood Lathe Business with Business Gateway Support

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A Highlands wood turning business run by an 18-year-old is now able to produce its products more efficiently after receiving specialist start-up support from Business Gateway.

Daniel Stewart began woodturning at the age of 14 in 2020 when his grandmother gave him a lathe as a gift.

He now runs his own company, Daniel Stewart Woodturning.

His craft is entirely self-taught: Daniel learns through online videos and hones his abilities by adding a modern twist to traditional crafts.

Wood turning is the process of using a lathe to shape wood into functional and decorative items.

Unlike other woodworking methods where the tools remain stationary, in wood turning, a piece of wood is mounted on the lathe and rotated, while the skilled craftsman uses hand-held tools to carve and shape the wood.

He started his business in 2020 and is now based in Gharb, selling bowls and platters he makes from wood he finds on his own land.

Our products are finished with food-safe Danish oils and beeswax and can be used to your liking or customized to your needs.

Daniel’s company also offers French polishing and furniture restoration services.

Although sales were steady, Daniel was limited by the equipment he was using and couldn’t afford to upgrade to more powerful tools that would help him work more efficiently.

He turned to Business Gateway for advice and was able to benefit from a Highland Council start-up grant.

This funding has allowed him to purchase new equipment that will allow him to produce more products more efficiently, saving him time to make additional products.

Daniel Stewart, founder of Daniel Stewart Woodturning, said: “The support we received from Business Gateway has enabled us to purchase equipment that we would not have been able to afford otherwise.

“This has enabled us to work more efficiently and create new products, as well as quickly produce existing products. The Business Gateway team has been great to support us.”

Marianne Ross, adviser at Business Gateway, said: “When you see someone as young as Daniel and his passion it shows that owning a business can be done by people of all ages, regardless of gender or age.”

“We are pleased that our support is helping Daniel develop new products and bring customers to his business.”

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