Harrogate Woodturning company secures distributorship with Record Power Woodworking Machinery

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Harrogate-based wood lathe supplier Greenvill Crafts has secured a distributorship with Record Power, a leading woodworking and woodworking machinery manufacturer. Greenvill Crafts is North Yorkshire’s only specialist woodworking retailer.

North Yorkshire’s only specialist woodturner’s shop, Greenville Crafts in Killinghall, Harrogate, has signed a deal with Record Power to sell its products at retail.

Record Power is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of wood lathes and woodworking equipment, specializing in wood lathes, bandsaws, and tools.

About Record Power: Record Power has a long and impressive history. Founded in Sheffield, the heart of the UK’s steel industry, and with over 100 years of history, we create enviable quality tools through many years of experience and unrivaled knowledge in manufacturing and design. It has gained a reputation. www.recordpower.co.uk

Philip Darvill, owner of Greenvill Crafts with Record Power productsPhilip Darvill, owner of Greenvill Crafts with Record Power products
Philip Darville, Owner, Greenvill Crafts with Record Power products

About Greenvill Crafts: Founded in 2017 as a small independent woodworking shop, by 2023 we were the only woodworking shop in North Yorkshire. Greenvill Crafts retails well-known brands such as Robert Sorby, Chestnut Products, NOVA, Hampshire Sheen, and now Record Power. Our store displays a variety of band saws and wood lathes. www.greenvill.co.uk

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