Fitter explains why many pros focus on the 2-wood from the tee

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Max Homa

Max Homa has been one of the best players on the PGA Tour for the past 18 months, but he still has a little more work to do.

Perhaps getting a new weapon soon will be the key to his breakthrough.

At the Wells Fargo Championship, he added a new Titleist TSR 2 Wood Prototype club to his bag, helping him shape the ball off the tee like never before.

Titleist’s new 2-wood prototype made its tour debut at the 2024 Players Championship in the bag of Cameron Young. Young and Titleist have been working on this concept since 2023.

Justin Thomas, Webb Simpson, Houmas and other PGA Tour players have also taken note of the product since its initial release, and Titleist Tour fitter JJ Van Wesenbeek has helped pros see their 2-wood off the tee. We are looking into the reasons for this in detail.

“(Young) was looking for a certain ball speed and yardage difference with the driver,” Van Wezenbeek said.

“One of the reasons for the 3-wood for him was he wanted something with a little more volume that gave him more confidence off the tee, so he wanted a little bit more of a footprint and a little more penetration than a 3-wood. I was looking for something with power.” Some of the 3-woods he’s played in the past.

“This is going to be a club that he hits 90 percent off the tee against the ground, so for the golf course that’s set up for that, that’s what he’s looking for…This may or may not be retail. This is an opportunity for us to learn and incorporate that into future products that may be different. ”

Homa enjoys the shot-shaping ability the club gives him.

The top-10 star believes the 2-wood helps him hit the ball longer and straighter off the tee compared to a standard driver.

“[The new 2-wood) helps me draw it a little bit better,” Homa told “I don’t draw the ball well, so left-to-right winds it’s quite helpful.”

Simpson was another to give a positive review, saying: “It has grooves like a 3-wood, spin is perfect, and it’s honestly, like, everything is in the middle of a 3-wood and driver number. Trajectory, spin, carry, all of it.”

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