This video shows you step by step how to turn your angle grinder into a high performance wood chipper

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Watch as the Make it Extreme team builds a wood chipper using an angle grinder and a chainsaw blade. The finished device can crush branches in seconds.

Wood chippers are incredibly useful for turning otherwise useless wood or lumber into chips for your garden or pets, or for soaking up oil spills at work. But they’re also incredibly dangerous, as they’re basically a box full of wicked high-speed blades. When using a wood chipper, it’s best to make sure you’re safe and don’t get your fingers too close. However, if you’re like the team behind the Make it Extreme YouTube channel, you’ll want to get up close and personal with their totally wild wood chipper, created as an angle grinder hack.

This video shows the creation of the ultimate wood chipper from idea to finished product. These guys have an amazing workspace and the video showcases their highly advanced sawing and processing techniques. The finished wood chipper is powerful and will turn large amounts of leftover shrubs into chips in seconds. This is not a video you can try at home as it requires highly advanced craftsmanship and high quality tools, but it is definitely worth watching.

The Make it Extreme team has created a ton of great videos that show how to make everything from a very heavy fidget spinner to Go Go Gadget shoes. This video is part of a series called “Angle Grinder Hacks,” where they show how to make new tools out of angle grinders. Our favorites are the angle grinder to belt sander and the angle grinder to chainsaw.

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