Build a lathe at home and get started with wood turning today

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This easy to understand video will show you how to make a lathe from wood at home.

How many times have you seen an amazing how-to project, only to find that you didn’t have the tools necessary to complete the design? Matthias Wandel, the incredible woodworker and YouTuber, faced a similar problem when he was starting out.

But he decided to use his talents, rather than cash, to solve this dilemma. change We have designed and built jointers, table saws and now we also build fine lathes.

On his channel, Wandel shows how to set up your own woodworking shop with homemade tools. The tools are made from readily available materials, and Wandel tries to use leftover wood scraps wherever possible to keep costs down.

The video is very well done and explains the steps in great detail, but if you are serious about building a lathe at home, consider purchasing the plans from: This is Wandell’s website.

Plans, which include step-by-step instructions and 3D SketchUp models, cost just $12. On Wandel’s site, you can buy plans to make everything from large furniture to other woodworking tools.

Having a lathe at home allows for a wide variety of DIY projects. Lathes are traditionally used to “cut” wood and shape wood and metal.

With a lathe you can make bowls and cups as well as decorative pieces of wood.

via: Matthias Wandel

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