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Dishes made from sustainable plastic from Bioform Technologies. (biological photo)

The Vancouver, British Columbia-based startup produces biodegradable plastics from wood pulp. 5 million dollars The investment comes from Brazil’s Suzano Ventures, the investment arm of a major manufacturer that turns cultivated eucalyptus trees into pulp.

bioform technology produces bioplastics to replace single-use plastics made from fossil fuels. The product can be heated and pressed or “thermoformed” into various shapes such as cup and coffee lids, and thin sheets of Bioform plastic can be enclosed in envelopes and pouches or made into garbage bags. can.

The startup analyzed its climate impact and found that its product produces 80% less carbon dioxide than traditional plastics at commercial scale. The manufacturing process can use existing pulp mill machinery to produce rolls of plastic.

After use, it can be recycled as paper or composted at home.

“Our goal is to produce a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics at the speed of paper and the cost of plastics,” CEO Chris Clark said in a statement. .

The company was founded in 2021 using technology developed by. Professor at the University of British Columbia Jordan McKenzie and Mark Martinez. They are his co-founders of Bioform, and MacKenzie is the company’s chief technology officer. The company has 12 employees.

Bioform aims to begin commercial production by 2027.

The startup previously raised a $2.4 million seed round and previously secured a $1.2 million grant. Those who participated in creative destruction lab Incubator’s 2020-21 Cohort.

Plastic pollution is fouling the world’s oceans and other ecosystems, prompting recent global efforts to address the crisis. Other researchers and entrepreneurs are similarly working on greener alternatives. For example, researchers at the University of Washington are developing a sustainable, biodegradable plastic made from blue-green algae called spirulina.

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