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Alexander uses his wood turning and metal working skills to create delicate hollow containers, large bowls, clocks and even built a gasoline powered go-kart from scratch.

When Orewa teenager Alexander Hill was just 10 years old, he was gifted a wood lathe that allowed him to take his enjoyment of hand-carving wood to a new level.

As well as learning the craft through YouTube and other online forums, he got in touch with an experienced woodturner in Auckland who imparted a wealth of knowledge to him.

Alexander started with simple bowls and moved to more complex shapes, discovering his own style along the way. He also uses a metal lathe and has done several projects combining woodworking and metalworking techniques, including a wall clock with a pendulum and a go-kart, both of which he built from scratch.

When he’s not working at school, he spends his time in his home workshop, which is packed with raw materials for crafts, including pohutukawa, ash and purpleheart wood. He carves large ash knots into bowls.

Alexander is considering a career as a mechatronics engineer and says that any creative endeavor he is passionate about is still a hobby.

Wentworth University students will be exhibiting their work as part of the Eclectic Show, which runs from April 29 to May 26 at the Estuary Arts Centre. The show will showcase 36 artists working in a variety of media.

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