Woodturner teams up with 4-H club on project

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By Justin Seward – Lethbridge Herald, April 19, 2024.

Herald photo: Justin Seward 4-H member Cody Daniels is coached by guild member Terry Burton on his best wood projects at Casa Woodworking Studio.

Lethbridge’s Chinook Woodturning Guild and TNT 4-H Multi Club recently launched a new partnership that will allow 4-H members to receive mentorship through woodturning projects.

Guild members helped with introductory products such as tops and beads to get started on the lathe at Casa last weekend, and this session will be one of many held jointly by both organizations.

“Members can choose three to four projects that they would like to change, and each member is assigned a woodworking guild mentor, so they can work with members individually to help them complete their projects. ” said Melanie Daniels, 4-H club general leader.

Members chose everything from carving out pens to making trivets for hot plates and bowls to making mallets.

“So, for me, 4-H is about learning by doing. My goal as a 4-H leader is to allow all members to explore their interests, so woodworking is something that some members ’” Daniels said.

“As a leader, it’s really important to find people who support you in that, and the Chinook Woodturning Guild has been very supportive and kind in helping its members explore this interest in woodturning. That way they can acquire skills that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to acquire. ”

“This is just the beginning,” said Terry Beaton, the guild’s treasurer.

“We want to make sure they have access to the three main tools before moving on to more advanced projects. But if they can’t use the tools properly, they can injure themselves. So we want to instill the safety aspect, the ability to rotate with these tools, but it’s just practice and then you can move on to the next step. .”

The focus of the guild is to teach what will be passed on to the next generation.

“As they grow up, we hope they fall in love with the game as much as we do, get better and better, and 30 years from now they’ll be our newest members,” Beaton said.

4-H member Cody Daniels wanted to improve his skills and help younger members.

“It’s definitely great to have mentors. We each have individual mentors. It makes it easier not having to scramble all five kids at once,” said Cody. he said.

“It makes my job a lot easier and allows me to do a lot of one-on-one work.”

Once the wooden projects are completed, 4-H members will display them on Achievement Day, and Daniels hopes guild members will come and judge the projects.


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