13 Wood Projects You Can Sell in 2024

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Discover the art of woodworking with our engaging guide to 13 wood projects that promise not only to fuel your creativity but also to enhance your online business portfolio. Whether you’re a seasoned carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, these handpicked projects offer a blend of simplicity, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, making them irresistible to buyers seeking unique, handcrafted items. Dive into this treasure trove of woodworking wonders and turn your passion into profit by creating pieces that resonate with the hearts and homes of customers around the globe.

Basic Woodworking Tools

For each unique woodworking project, the required materials, tools, and skill levels may vary. However, to get started, it’s essential to equip your workspace with some fundamental woodworking essentials. Here’s a list of basic items you’ll want to have on hand

  • Your preferred type of wood, such as offcuts, pine, or another variety
  • Wooden boards
  • Adhesive designed for wood
  • A manual saw for making cuts
  • A protective surface for cutting, like a board or mat
  • An electric drill
  • A hammer or soft-faced mallet
  • Protective eyewear and gloves, according to your comfort and safety preferences

13 Wood Projects That Sell in 2024

1. Wooden Signs

Wooden Signs

13 Wood ProjectsWooden Signs

13 Wood Projects

Crafting wooden signs is a fantastic introductory project for those new to woodworking. These signs are versatile, coming in a myriad of shapes and sizes, and find their place in various settings, both indoors and outdoors.

Within homes, wooden signs often serve as charming decor elements—think about creating bespoke signs with a household’s name, for instance. They also play a crucial role at social gatherings, like weddings or celebrations, where they guide guests with welcome messages and directions. Adorning your living space with quality wooden signage adds a touch of warmth and personality.

There are numerous techniques for making wooden signs. You might choose to hand-paint designs on wooden surfaces or craft letters and figures directly from the wood. Utilizing basic scrap wood allows for the production of tailor-made signs that cater specifically to the preferences of your intended clientele.

2. Wood Pallets

Wood PalletsWood Pallets

The Following all Make Great Pallet Projects

  • Planter box
  • Decorative sign
  • Coffee tables
  • A wooden bench
  • Chair or small bench
  • Wooden business card holders
  • Mail sorter/key holder
  • Wooden serving trays
  • Raised garden beds
  • Bed platform
  • Shelves

A wooden pallet is constructed using planks and beams crafted from cut wood, which is typically sourced straight from a lumber mill. Most pallets are crafted from types of wood known for their softness. However, for specific pallets, particularly those that are standard-sized, “hard” wood varieties like poplar, beech, or oak might be utilized. This choice is often made for parts of the pallet that need to be fastened securely with metal or plastic fasteners, with oak being a favored option for its durability. A standard wooden pallet can comprise up to 30 wood components and 200 nails, varying with the pallet’s dimensions.

3. Wooden Kitchen Products

Wooden Kitchen ProductsWooden Kitchen Products

Products for the kitchen consistently rank as some of the most popular items to sell. Start with basics like a wooden chopping board or coasters, or venture into more niche creations, such as intricately crafted wooden utensils. Expanding your range to include items like a wooden serving tray or a wine holder can also appeal to a wide audience.

4. Furniture


Furniture refers to movable objects intended to support various human activities such as seating (e.g., chairs, stools, and sofas), eating (tables), and sleeping (e.g., beds). It can also be used to hold objects at a convenient height for work (as horizontal surfaces above the ground, such as tables and desks), or to store things (e.g., cupboards and shelves). Furniture can be a product of design and is considered a form of decorative art. In addition to furniture’s functional role, it can serve a symbolic or religious purpose. It can be made from many materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. Furniture can be made using a variety of woodworking joints which often reflect the local culture.

5. Surfboards


Surfboards are long, narrow boards specifically designed for surfing, a sport in which the rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which typically carries the surfer towards the shore. Surfboards are relatively light, but strong enough to support an individual standing on them while riding a wave. They were traditionally made from wood but are now more commonly constructed from polyurethane or polystyrene foam covered with layers of fiberglass cloth, and polyester or epoxy resin. The design and length of the surfboard can significantly affect surfing performance, with various shapes catering to different surfing styles and wave conditions.

6. Boxes


Wooden boxes offer a versatile project option for woodworkers of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced craftsmen. They present an opportunity to start with simple designs like basic crates or storage containers, and then explore more intricate creations such as decorative shelves and elegant jewelry boxes. With just some wood and a bit of adhesive, you can craft unique and captivating boxes that are sure to appeal to a wide range of customers.uses.

7. Picture frames

Picture framesPicture frames

Pairing wood picture frames with wall art creates an attractive product offering. Crafting picture frames is a manageable task, allowing for a variety of sizes and designs. Utilizing reclaimed or leftover wood can add character and sustainability to your creations.

8. Children’s blocks

Children’s blocksChildren’s blocks

Children’s wooden blocks are simple, solid pieces of wood crafted into various shapes and sizes, often used as educational toys for children. These blocks can come in forms such as cubes, cylinders, rectangles, and more complex shapes, sometimes featuring letters, numbers, or colorful patterns. They are designed to be durable, safe, and large enough to prevent choking hazards, making them suitable for young children to handle and play with. Wooden blocks encourage creativity and imagination, as children can stack, build, and arrange them in countless ways, aiding in the development of fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and cognitive abilities.

9. Birdhouses


Birdhouses serve as charming decor both inside and out, and they’re often sought after by collectors, making them a great niche to explore. You have the option to craft a basic birdhouse from leftover wood scraps or opt for more premium materials for a refined finish.

10. Planters


Wood serves as an excellent choice for crafting a wide range of plant containers, from spacious planter boxes ideal for miniature home vegetable gardens to petite holders perfect for succulents on your desk. Additionally, you can design accessories that cater to the needs of home gardening enthusiasts.

11. Art Wood Projects

Art Wood ProjectsArt Wood Projects

Monetizing your creativity through online art sales is an effective strategy. Wood, as a versatile crafting material, offers endless possibilities depending on your imaginative flair and expertise, as well as market demand. Don’t hesitate to explore and innovate with your designs.

12. Wood turning

Wood turningWood turning

Wood turning represents a specialized and advanced technique within woodworking. This process entails mounting a wooden piece onto a spinning axis and then sculpting it into a symmetrical shape using tools such as a lathe. For those who have honed this skill, a wide array of specialized projects becomes accessible, including crafting stair balusters, newel posts, spindles, and other similar architectural elements.

13. Wooden Toys

Wooden ToysWooden Toys

Crafting wooden toys offers a lucrative opportunity within the woodworking domain. Given the growing concerns among parents about plastics and potentially hazardous materials, your wooden creations can be marketed as safe and eco-friendly alternatives.

Wooden toys appeal to a broad audience, encompassing everything from classic wooden chess sets to intricate puzzles. It’s worth considering a diverse range of ideas for your upcoming woodworking endeavors.

What Handmade Wood Items Sell Best?

  1. Furniture: Small pieces like side tables, stools, and benches are popular due to their versatility and the personal touch they add to any space.
  2. Home Decor: Items such as wooden signs with inspirational quotes, rustic wall art, and decorative wooden clocks are sought after for adding warmth and character to homes.
  3. Kitchenware: Cutting boards, serving trays, utensil sets, and wooden coasters are always in demand due to their practicality and the natural aesthetic wood brings to the kitchen.
  4. Outdoor and Garden: Planter boxes, birdhouses, and garden signs can enhance outdoor spaces and are popular among gardening enthusiasts.
  5. Children’s Toys: Wooden toys, like puzzles, building blocks, and educational games, are favored by parents looking for durable and safe toys for their children.
  6. Office Accessories: Desk organizers, pen holders, and laptop stands made from wood offer functionality with a sophisticated touch, appealing to professionals.
  7. Personal Accessories: Items like wooden watches, jewelry, and eyeglass frames stand out for their unique craftsmanship and natural beauty.
  8. Artistic Pieces: Sculptures, carvings, and turned wood items like bowls and vases are appreciated for their artistic value and craftsmanship.
  9. Storage Solutions: Wooden boxes, chests, and shelving units are popular for their practical storage uses and decorative potential.
  10. Holiday and Seasonal Items: Seasonal decorations, like Christmas ornaments or Halloween decor, made from wood have a timeless appeal.


In conclusion, venturing into the world of selling handmade wood items offers a promising opportunity to blend creativity with entrepreneurship. The key to success lies in identifying products that resonate with consumers, maintaining high-quality craftsmanship, and effectively marketing your creations. Whether it’s through online platforms, local markets, or social media, reaching your target audience and showcasing the uniqueness and practicality of your woodwork can turn your passion into a profitable endeavor. Embrace the journey of continuous learning and innovation, and let your woodcraft not only fulfill the needs but also touch the hearts of those who appreciate the beauty and warmth of handmade wooden items.


  1. What are some popular wood projects I can sell online?
    Popular wood projects include handmade furniture, cutting boards, wooden toys, decorative signs, jewelry boxes, picture frames, planters, and more. These items often sell well due to their functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Where can I sell my wood projects online?
    You can sell your wood projects on various platforms such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon Handmade, and your own e-commerce website. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook Marketplace are also effective for reaching potential customers.
  3. How do I price my wood projects?
    Pricing should take into account the cost of materials, time spent, complexity of the design, and the going rate for similar items online. Don’t forget to include shipping costs if they’re not billed separately.
  4. Do I need special tools to start making and selling wood projects?
    The tools you need depend on the projects you choose. Basic tools include saws, drills, sanders, and hammers. More advanced projects might require specialized equipment like lathes or CNC routers.
  5. How can I make my wood projects stand out online?
    High-quality craftsmanship, unique designs, excellent photography, and personalization options can help your products stand out. Customer reviews and building a brand story can also enhance your online presence.
  6. Is it necessary to have woodworking experience to start selling wood projects online?
    While experience helps, many sellers start with basic projects and gradually improve their skills over time. There are numerous resources available online to learn woodworking techniques.
  7. How do I handle shipping for large or fragile wood projects?
    Use sturdy packaging materials and consider insurance for expensive items. For large items, research freight shipping options or local delivery services. Clearly communicate shipping policies to your customers.
  8. Can I sell wood projects made from recycled or reclaimed wood?
    Absolutely! Recycled or reclaimed wood projects are popular for their sustainability and unique character. Make sure to highlight the eco-friendly aspect of your products in your listings.
  9. How do I manage custom orders for wood projects?
    Set clear guidelines for custom orders, including pricing, production time, and revision policies. Communication is key to ensuring customer satisfaction with custom pieces.
  10. What legal considerations should I keep in mind when selling wood projects online?
    Ensure you comply with local business regulations, tax obligations, and online platform policies. It’s also wise to have clear terms and conditions, privacy policy, and return policy on your selling platform.
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