Retired Wigan woodturner wants to sell £28,000 worth of wood for charity

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Fred Worthington, who turns 80 this month, says his eyesight is not what it used to be and he has to devote time to caring for his ailing wife, Doreen.

So after years of making unique woodwork to sell at craft fairs, he has run out of tools and is looking to sell all his remaining stock, which he estimates is worth £28,000.

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Fred Worthington and I hope to sell about a third of my work.Fred Worthington and I hope to sell about a third of my work.
Fred Worthington and I hope to sell about a third of my work.

His home on Wigan’s Queensway is an Aladdin’s cave of carefully crafted and sometimes quirky items, large and small. But because he has so much inventory, he only has about a third of it on display.

Ideally, Fred would like someone to come and buy the land and sell it for a profit to benefit a charity.

He first hit the headlines in 1997 when he announced he was closing his butcher shop in Wigan Lane and taking up woodworking full-time.

Fred had already founded the Wigan Woodworking Club two years earlier and the Wigan Conservative Club was thriving with 40-50 members.

Some of Fred Worthington's unique worksSome of Fred Worthington's unique works
Some of Fred Worthington’s unique works

The club continues, currently meeting at the Platte Bridge Civic Center, but Fred has not attended since the coronavirus pandemic began.

However, this decision marks the end of an era.

Fred said: “It’s time to call it a day. I used to go to craft fairs, but my eyesight has gotten worse and I can’t drive at night anymore, and I have to take care of my wife, who isn’t feeling very well.”

“So I’m thinking of selling everything. I’d be happy if someone came and bought everything for £10,000 as a place to work. They could make 100 per cent profit on it and make a profit from it. I wish I had the money.” Proceeds from the sale were donated to charity.

Fred founded Wigan Woodworking Club over 20 years agoFred founded Wigan Woodworking Club over 20 years ago
Fred founded Wigan Woodworking Club over 20 years ago

“If someone were to start a business selling items like this, that would be a great place to start.”

Fred said he has loved building things since he was a child, and discovered early on that he had a talent for wood lathes (not carving, he says; “it takes too much time”). ). He used to buy wood in Longridge and buy wood at his home. The garage became his workshop. One of his lines is hedgehog boxes for charities.

Anyone wishing to purchase Fred’s items individually or in bulk should call 01942 375858.

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