A local group preserving the art of woodworking

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Moore Norman Technology Center’s woodworking class learns woodworking techniques every day, but today it was all about wood lathes.

“Our mission is to teach students the fundamentals of construction, specifically carpentry and cabinet making,” said Bill Hardy, woodworking instructor at Moore Norman Technology Center.

We had a special guest instructor come to today’s class and teach us some woodworking techniques. “When you turn wood, you take a piece of wood, turn it, and use tools to shape it the way you want it,” said Jim Oliver, president of the Central Oklahoma Woodturners Association.

They make everything from ink pens to crosses and even Christmas ornaments. “A lot of people I met said, oh yeah, my grandfather did a good job, and we want to continue that,” Oliver said.

Despite the generation gap, the group bonded quickly. “I was really excited when I was given this opportunity. They met my expectations,” said Moore Norman Technology student McKenna Randle.

SOT: Derrick Holgerson (Student) “After my first class, I asked my grandfather to pick up a lathe, and a few weeks later I got the lathe and tools and started turning things around the house. ” said Derrick Holgerson, a student at the Moore Norman Technology Center. “It’s one of the things the kids look forward to and enjoy doing,” Hardy said.

Most of the woodworking club members are retired and work daily to perfect their craft, and their lessons are taught and demonstrated to younger students. “I thought I was doing pretty well, but then he showed me who was the boss,” Randle said.

Woodcutters hold demonstrations several times throughout the year.For more information about club visits www.centralokwoodturners.com.

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