Wood Turning 3D paved the way for today’s Switch

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QubicGames has announced that Voodoo’s Woodturning 3D will be released for Nintendo Switch today. The title costs $5 and occupies 171 MB.

Unleash your inner carpenter and shape amazing wooden sculptures! Pick up a chisel, carve shapes, spray paint, and sell your masterpieces to customers. As an aspiring carpenter, you’ll need to use patience and precision to carve out the most intricate parts with attention to detail, just like in real woodworking.

In this fascinating world, every stroke counts. We don’t just use tools randomly. Instead, you work like a sculptor who transforms ordinary blocks of wood into unique and colorful works of art.

It emphasizes precision over speed and is a refreshing break from the usual arcade games, making it perfect for casual gamers or those looking for a challenging new adventure.


  • Pick up a chisel with three different shapes and start carving.
  • Use tools accurately and carefully, as incorrect movements can affect the final appearance.
  • Earn money by accepting different engraving offers from customers
  • Decorate your wooden artwork with colorful sprays and stencils!
  • Earn cash rewards by completing special tasks
  • Give your tools cool skins to look like a pro
  • Upgrade your studio to give it a new look
  • Decide whether you want to sell the sculpture or place it on a collection shelf.
  • Hold an auction for your work and see who gets the highest bid.

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