Riverina Made: Turning wood into wonders

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Angus and Patricia Lyons, along with their trusted workshop assistant Floyd, create ‘practical art’ in their woodworking business. Photo: Vanessa Hayden.

Who are you and what is your business? We are Angus and Patricia Lyons from Lyons Woodturning. Angus is a woodturner. I married Angus 20 years before her and have always been an administrator and helped others with their businesses. Seven years ago we restarted the woodturning business together, although Angus had taken a break from woodturning to pursue other interests.

Where did you start? Angus studied and learned the trade in the late 1980s as an apprentice with one of Australia’s leading woodturners, Anthony Hansen, in Goulburn. After leaving Anthony, he also became a professional turner himself, supplying galleries including Bungendore Woodworks, Tilba Tilba and various other Australian wood galleries. He’s been on and off ever since.

We married in 2004 and moved to Albury. After buying a plot of land in Jindera and building a house and a large cabin, the family moved in her Christmas 2016. Shortly after, in early 2017, Lyons Woodturning was officially “reborn.”

We then decided to downsize our land and upgrade our cabin. Moving was physically difficult because there was wood everywhere. Once the new building is finished (hopefully in July) it should be much easier as Angus has been using much of the wood and not accepting any new material. Besides, what we have now is piled up and ready to go. go.

items made of wood

Lyons Woodturning participates in a variety of markets and their products can be found online or at Centro Lavington’s Self Made Marketplace store. Photo: Provided.

What do you produce? We sell handcrafted wood gifts and homewares, as well as custom pieces for individuals, builders, and cabinet and furniture makers. We consider what we do to be “practical art.”

We aim to use recycled wood as much as possible, sometimes using red gum fence posts from old farms, salvaged wood, and usually wood that someone would have burned in a bonfire. We also strive to avoid throwing away any wood, by using scraps from large jobs to make smaller items, and by donating wood shavings to local property owners for chickens and injured animals. I am.

Do you sell something that would make a great gift? all! lol. Wooden travel mugs, razor/shaving sets, pens, cheese knives, boards, bowls, ornaments, table bench legs, bottle stoppers.

If you could do anything, what would it be? “It’s a big thing!” Exhibition work. Angus would like to create a crowbar and resin table or an oversized still life for display. To date, his largest work is a sculpture of a crowbar made to look like a wagon wheel, presented to the German Embassy to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the settlement of Zindera.

Where can I buy your products? Our regular markets are Ultimate Events’ Self Made Market and Wagga Wagga’s River and Wren. I’m hoping to go to Canberra Handmade later this year. You can always find our products at the Self-Made Marketplace in Centro Lavington, The Hub 3747 in Beechworth, online at Riverina Hamper Co (select inventory) or on our website.

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How do you promote Riverina? It has everything a city has and needs, but also a wonderful, friendly country lifestyle.

What’s the coolest local thing you’ve ever bought? A stunning pendant light from The Hub at Beechworth by Creative Collective. I didn’t actually buy it…I was going to buy it, but I decided to have it made for me as a housewarming gift. It’s an orb made from the metal of a wine barrel, with dried vines and fairy lights wrapped around and within it. That’s amazing!

Where is your favorite place to have a drink? Gindera’s Fox & Brew. It’s undergone a fairly extensive renovation over the past year, making it a great place to have a drink or something to eat.

Who is another local producer you admire? This area is full of talented local artisans that we respect. Jindera is a creative hidden gem. But we love Kerry May Designs, Table Top Pottery, Barista’s Choice Coffee Roasters, Creative Collective, Ultimate Events, and Blue Chai.

To learn more about Lyons Woodturning, please visit: Handmade wood products | Lions Wood Turning | Australia

Region Riverina is committed to celebrating local producers and creators and encourages everyone to buy local.

If you know someone who is making something great, please let us know.

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