Teknatool T30948 – Nova Comet 14DR Midi Wood Lathe Review

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As someone deeply committed to woodworking, the search for the perfect lathe plays a pivotal role in refining craftsmanship and producing superior work. My experience with the Teknatool T30948 – Nova Comet 14DR Midi Wood Lathe over several months in my own workshop has equipped me with valuable insights. Drawing from this practical engagement and in-depth evaluation, I am ready to offer a detailed review of its performance and features.

Nova Comet 14DR midi wood lathe with digital controlsNova Comet 14DR midi wood lathe with digital controls

Teknatool T30948 Overview

The Teknatool T30948 – Nova Comet 14DR Midi Wood Lathe is a robust tool designed for woodworkers seeking precision and versatility in their projects. It features a 1HP DC motor, offering significant power and a variable speed range of 250 – 4000 RPM to accommodate various materials and techniques.

Hands assembling accessories on a Nova Comet 14DR wood latheHands assembling accessories on a Nova Comet 14DR wood lathe

With a 14-inch swing over bed and a 20-inch distance between centers, expandable with an optional bed extension, it suits a wide range of project sizes. The lathe’s solid construction minimizes vibration, enhancing stability and precision during use. It’s built for both enthusiasts and professionals who demand reliability and performance in their woodworking endeavors.

Key Features:

  1. Variable Speed: Two-step electronic control for adaptable spindle speeds.
  2. Speed Adjustment: Dial-in mechanism with display for precise speed settings.
  3. Dual Direction: Offers both forward and reverse functions.
  4. Cast Iron Build: Solid construction for stability and reduced vibration.
  5. Belt Access: Designed for easy belt and pulley adjustments.
  6. Quick Controls: Features quick-action cams for efficient operation adjustments.


  • Motor: 1 HP, 120V, single-phase
  • Swing Over Bed: 14″
  • Distance Between Centers: 18-1/2″
  • Spindle Speed: Variable, 250–3450 RPM
  • Spindle Threads: 1″ x 8 TPI
  • Spindle Taper: MT#2
  • Tailstock Taper: MT#2
  • Footprint: 8-1/2″ x 32-3/8″
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 120 lbs.

Power and Variable Speed

The Teknatool T30948 – Nova Comet 14DR Midi Wood Lathe is powered by a 1HP DC motor, a feature that ensures it packs a significant punch despite its relatively compact size. This power is essential not just for maintaining speed under load but also for providing the torque necessary to work with a broad spectrum of materials, from softwoods to the more demanding hardwoods.

Woodturning in progress on a Nova Comet 14DR latheWoodturning in progress on a Nova Comet 14DR lathe

The lathe’s variable speed range, which spans from 250 to 4000 RPM, is a standout feature. This wide range allows for precise speed adjustments, facilitating seamless transitions between tasks that require either high torque at low speeds or the ability to perform delicate work at higher speeds.

The ability to adjust speed on the fly, without any hiccups, empowers woodworkers to tackle a diverse array of projects with confidence, ensuring optimal outcomes for both fine and rough work.

Capacity and Dimensions

The Nova Comet 14DR’s design incorporates a swing over bed of 14 inches and a distance between centers of 20 inches, which can be further extended with the purchase of an optional bed extension. This feature is particularly appealing because it significantly enhances the lathe’s versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of project sizes.

Adjusting speed on the digital control panel of a Nova Comet 14DR wood latheAdjusting speed on the digital control panel of a Nova Comet 14DR wood lathe

Whether you’re turning small, intricate pieces like pens or larger objects like medium-sized bowls and platters, this lathe can accommodate your needs. The ability to handle various project sizes without compromising on quality or precision makes the Comet 14DR an invaluable tool for woodworkers who aspire to expand their creative repertoire and take on more ambitious projects.

Ease of Use and Build Quality

The user experience with the Nova Comet 14DR is greatly enhanced by its thoughtfully designed control panel and the strategically placed speed dial, which allow for effortless adjustments mid-project. Such features reduce the learning curve for beginners while offering seasoned woodworkers the precision they require for more advanced tasks.

Nova Comet 14DR lathe in front of 'Montana's Lost Art' signageNova Comet 14DR lathe in front of 'Montana's Lost Art' signage

Additionally, the inclusion of a forward and reverse switch not only adds to the lathe’s versatility but also aids in achieving a superior finish on workpieces by allowing for the correction of any irregularities in the grain pattern. This attention to user-friendly design, combined with the robust build quality, underscores the manufacturer’s commitment to creating a product that meets the needs of its users.

Precision and Stability

Stability and precision are at the heart of the Comet 14DR’s design, largely thanks to its solid cast iron construction. This material choice is crucial for reducing vibration, a common issue that can affect the accuracy of work and user comfort.

Close-up of woodturning on a Nova Comet 14DR latheClose-up of woodturning on a Nova Comet 14DR lathe

By minimizing vibration, even at high speeds, the lathe ensures that each project can be completed with a high degree of accuracy and without the fatigue that comes from battling machine movement.

Furthermore, the precision with which components like the tool rest and tailstock have been machined and assembled means they move smoothly and lock into place securely, offering additional assurance that the workpiece will remain stable throughout the turning process.

Nova Comet 14DR wood lathe showcased with 'Montana's Lost Art' sign in the backgroundNova Comet 14DR wood lathe showcased with 'Montana's Lost Art' sign in the background

This level of precision and stability not only enhances the quality of the finished product but also makes the woodworking process more enjoyable and less fraught with potential errors.

Upkeep Practices and Safety Oversight

For the Teknatool T30948 – Nova Comet 14DR Midi Wood Lathe, adhering to specific upkeep practices and safety oversight measures can significantly enhance the machine’s longevity and ensure a safe working environment. Here are ten crucial guidelines:

  1. Regular Inspection: Periodically check all components for wear and tear, especially the moving parts, to ensure they are in good working condition.
  2. Lubrication: Apply lubricant to the lathe’s spindle and other moving parts as recommended in the manual to maintain smooth operation and prevent rust.
  3. Cleaning: After each use, clean the lathe to remove wood chips, dust, and debris that could accumulate and affect its performance or cause safety hazards.
  4. Belt Tension: Check the belt tension regularly to ensure it’s neither too tight nor too loose, as incorrect tension can affect the lathe’s performance and longevity.
  5. Sharpening Tools: Keep cutting tools sharp. Dull tools can lead to unsafe conditions and poor-quality work.
  6. Safety Gear: Always wear appropriate safety gear, including eye protection, hearing protection, and dust masks, to safeguard against potential hazards.
  7. Electrical Safety: Ensure the lathe is properly grounded and the electrical setup complies with safety standards to prevent electrical shocks.
  8. Avoid Loose Clothing: When operating the lathe, avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry that could get caught in moving parts.
  9. Use of Safety Switches: Familiarize yourself with the lathe’s safety switches and emergency stop features to quickly halt operations if needed.
  10. Proper Ventilation: Ensure the workspace is well-ventilated to manage wood dust and maintain air quality, reducing health risks associated with dust inhalation.

Comparable Alternatives

When considering other midi lathes on the market, models like the Rikon 70-220VSR come to mind. Each has its strengths, with the other model offering excellent control over speed transitions and the Rikon providing a notable 24-position index. However, the Nova Comet 14DR stands out for its blend of power, capacity, and user-friendly features, making it a well-rounded choice.

Table of Comparisons vs. Competitors

Creating a comparison table for the Rikon 70-220VSR and Nova Comet 14DR will help highlight the differences and similarities between these two popular wood lathes. Below is a detailed comparison based on several key aspects:

Features/Aspects Nova Comet 14DR Rikon 70-220VSR
Motor 1 HP, 120V, single-phase 1 HP, 115V, single-phase
Swing Over Bed 14 inches 12.5 inches
Distance Between Centers 20 inches (expandable with an optional bed extension) 20 inches
Variable Speed Range 250 – 4,000 RPM 250 – 3,850 RPM
Speed Control Electronic variable speed with dial-in adjustment Electronic variable speed with digital RPM readout
Spindle Thread 1″ x 8 TPI 1″ x 8 TPI
Spindle Taper MT2 MT2
Tailstock Taper MT2 MT2
Construction Cast iron Cast iron
Weight Approximately 124 pounds Approximately ‎120 pounds
Unique Features Forward and reverse switch, solid construction for reduced vibration 24-position indexing, easy access to belts for speed changes

This table provides a side-by-side comparison to help evaluate each lathe’s specifications and unique features. The Rikon 70-220VSR and Nova Comet 14DR both offer robust capabilities suitable for a wide range of woodworking projects.

Rikon 70-220VSR midi wood lathe with blue and white designRikon 70-220VSR midi wood lathe with blue and white design

The choice between them might come down to specific needs such as the maximum speed requirement, the importance of digital RPM readout for precise speed control, or the preference for certain features like forward and reverse functionality or the ability to expand the distance between centers. Both lathes boast solid cast iron construction for stability and durability, indicating they are built to last and perform reliably in a workshop setting.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful Motor: For a midi lathe, the 1HP motor is impressive, handling dense materials without bogging down.
  • Variable Speed Range: Offers flexibility for various projects with an easy-to-adjust speed dial.
  • Build Quality: The durability of construction ensures longevity and consistent performance.
  • Versatility: Capable of tackling a wide range of project sizes, enhanced by optional accessories.


  • Price Point: While offering great value, it is priced higher than some entry-level options, which might be a consideration for beginners.
  • Weight: The sturdy build adds to its weight, making it less portable than lighter models.

Key Considerations for Users

When evaluating the Teknatool T30948 – Nova Comet 14DR Midi Wood Lathe, users should consider several key factors to ensure it meets their specific needs. Power and versatility are paramount, with the lathe’s 1HP motor and variable speed range of 250 – 4000 RPM offering the capability to handle a wide variety of projects, from delicate pens to robust bowls. The lathe’s swing over bed of 14 inches and expandable distance between centers cater to both small and larger projects, enhancing its versatility.

Additionally, ease of use, including the user-friendly speed adjustments and the forward and reverse functionality, makes it accessible to woodworkers of all skill levels. Durability, highlighted by its solid cast iron construction, ensures long-term stability and minimal vibration, contributing to precise workmanship. Potential buyers should weigh these considerations against their project requirements and workshop space to make an informed decision.

Concluding Thoughts

After months of testing, the Teknatool T30948 – Nova Comet 14DR Midi Wood Lathe has proven itself as a standout choice for woodworkers seeking a balance of power, precision, and versatility. Whether you’re turning intricate pens or crafting larger bowls, this lathe delivers consistent results with ease. Its robust build and thoughtful design cater to both seasoned woodworkers and those looking to upgrade their capabilities.

While the price and weight may give pause to some, the investment is justified by the machine’s performance and durability. In my workshop, the Nova Comet 14DR has earned its place as an indispensable tool, offering reliability and flexibility project after project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the motor size of the Nova Comet 14DR?
    The Nova Comet 14DR is equipped with a 1 HP, 120V, single-phase motor, offering substantial power for a wide range of woodworking projects.
  2. What is the variable speed range of this lathe?
    This lathe offers a variable speed range from 250 to 4000 RPM, allowing for precise control over your workpiece regardless of the material.
  3. Can the distance between centers be extended?
    Yes, the distance between centers of 20 inches can be expanded with the purchase of an optional bed extension, enhancing the lathe’s versatility for larger projects.
  4. What is the swing over bed capacity?
    The swing over bed capacity is 14 inches, accommodating a diverse range of project sizes.
  5. Does it have a reverse function?
    Yes, the Nova Comet 14DR features a forward and reverse switch, offering additional versatility and allowing for a superior finish on workpieces.
  6. What type of spindle and tailstock taper does it use?
    Both the spindle and tailstock taper are MT2, which is standard and compatible with a wide range of accessories.
  7. What are the spindle thread dimensions?
    The spindle thread dimensions are 1″ x 8 TPI, a common size that facilitates the use of numerous aftermarket accessories and chucks.
  8. What is the construction material of the lathe?
    The lathe is constructed from solid cast iron, ensuring durability, stability, and reduced vibration during operation.
  9. What is the approximate weight of the Nova Comet 14DR?
    The approximate shipping weight of the lathe is 120 lbs, indicating its solid build and stability.
  10. Are there any unique features of this lathe compared to other midi lathes?
    Unique features include its two-step pulley system for extended speed ranges, easy-access belt and pulley system for quick changes, and the forward and reverse switch for enhanced finishing capabilities. Additionally, its solid cast iron construction and optional bed extension for increased capacity set it apart from some competitors.

We’re eager to hear your feedback! If you’ve had the chance to use the Teknatool T30948 – Nova Comet 14DR Midi Wood Lathe, please share your experiences and opinions in the comments section below. Your firsthand insights are invaluable to fellow woodworkers looking to make well-informed decisions about this lathe. Whether it’s about its performance, ease of use, or any tips you have, we welcome your contributions!

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