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Hand-carved details, beautifully finished edges and natural wood grain patterns are all part of the Otago Woodworkers Guild’s annual exhibition, currently on display at the community gallery on Princes Street.

Otago Woodturners Guild president Jonathan Leichter said “since time immemorial” every year the guild’s members held an end-of-year showcase and sale to raise money not only for the club but also for nominated charities. He said he was planning it as an activity.

Over the years it has donated “thousands of dollars” to worthy causes and this year a portion of the proceeds from the annual exhibition will be donated to Otago Community Hospice.

Approximately half of the 50 members are exhibiting at the exhibition.

“We have members make wooden products from toys to cutting boards.

“But our main mission is wood lathes, and projects done on the lathe like bowls, platters, and candlesticks.”

Club members will be discussing the different types of wood and the pieces on display.

It is also an opportunity to increase interest in the club’s wood turning course.

“They can take a six-week course of study in our guild rooms in south Dunedin.

The course provides participants with wood and tools and teaches them how to make about six items, which they can take home with them.

“And some people, like me, become lifelong members. I started out by just doing a six-week course, but I quickly found out.”

Leichter said much of the work was made from local wood, including trees cut down on George Street as part of the retail precinct renovation.

“They have the magic of George Street and that spirit… it’s really part of Dunedin.”

– The Otago Woodworkers Guild’s annual exhibition and sale will run until December 24.

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