Painters, woodcutters and jewelers team up for nature-inspired art show in Nanaimo

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Patricia Mansell, Terry Marshall and Karyn Seaver exhibit their work at Art 10 Gallery.

This month and next, three artists will share the spotlight on the North Nanaimo Gallery’s Featured Wall.

Works by Patricia Mansell, Terry Marshall, and Karin Seaver will be featured in Art 10 Gallery’s group exhibition “Natural Elements.” Each refers to the materials used to create the piece: slate, wood, silver, gold.

In the show’s release, Munsell, who used Port Renfrew stone slabs as the backdrop for his acrylic paintings depicting Canadian wildlife, said that the people who depict endangered species in his work are the ones who use them in his art. It is stated that the desire is to breathe life into the world and raise awareness of how close they are. To be lost.

Marshall’s interest in woodturning began when a friend picked up a piece of wood from Marshall’s property that had fallen in a storm and sent him a wooden bowl. Some of Marshall’s work has reached people in Switzerland, China, and across Canada.

A German-trained goldsmith, Sieber creates unique, handcrafted jewelry primarily using precious metals, gemstones, and any other medium that inspires her.

Natural Elements will be on display at Nanaimo North Town Center’s Art 10 Gallery during mall hours until the end of January.

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