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Written by Julie Karl

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As a child, Amy Davis held wood planks as her father worked them into curtain rods and other functional pieces for the house.

She grew up and worked as a nurse for 20 years before “bitten by the bug” and changed jobs to take over her father’s woodturning business. She took classes to learn more about the skills her father carefully watched her master. His work was done out of necessity. Her actions are rather done for pleasure.

“After taking the class, I rotated myself every day for a year just to learn,” Davis said. She crafted wood into every kind of art piece you can imagine, including bowls, candle holders, bottle stoppers, and more. Most of them were given as gifts to her family and friends.

“I didn’t know what to do with the items I was making. Then I realized that if I sold it, I could buy more supplies and keep going. I wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise.” No,” she said.

Due to her success, Davis eventually opened her own brick-and-mortar store, Round N Round Gifts, at 331 N. Main Street in Bowling Green. Her wooden handiwork still forms the basis of the products she sells, but her work took a new turn after a friend introduced her to the magic of laser engraving.

What started as a way to laser engrave her signature onto her wooden artwork using a small laser has evolved into a technique that engraves everything from wood and glass to fabric and metal. Large laser equipment is used.

“In 2020, I was making Christmas ornaments with a laser and posting pictures on my Facebook page,” Davis said. “There were a lot of people who said, ‘I want it.’ So it just exploded into what you see today,” her Main Street business.

She continues to make lumber for the shop in her dream lumber shop, which she has completed in her home in Bowling Green. Her husband, Terry, creates some of the woodwork for her projects when he’s not working for her.

One thing that has grown significantly since Christmas 2020 is the carving business. “People started realizing that I could make something and sculpt it,” she said. When people came to her with ideas, she bought laser equipment that could do different types of engravings on flat and round objects, such as tumblers. C.O.2 The laser will engrave the tumbler, but since it requires powder coating, the laser will etch the powder coating. A new laser she plans to introduce soon will engrave the bare metal and further expand its capabilities.

An entire shelf near the register is filled with ideas for engraved gifts and items. Davis showed some examples that can be engraved, including a leatherette coffee cup holder, tumbler, RCID wallet, whiskey flask, and magnetic guitar photo holder. Cutting boards with family recipes engraved on them are said to be one of the most popular items at the moment.

She stays away from trademarked products, but is working to get permission to use the BGSU logo.

Davis hopes to expand into the wedding market and engrave items such as champagne glasses for couples, flasks and multitools for groomsmen’s gifts, or clutches for bridesmaids’ gifts.

“We can sculpt just about anything anyone can imagine in their head,” she said. Her business tagline aims to show that the possibilities are endless: “What can we create for you?”

Personalized items are our biggest sellers. “You can take something ordinary and make it special,” she explained.

More than half of recent orders are ideas customers found online, sketched themselves, or detailed. “My favorite part of the job is taking someone’s idea and creating the perfect gift,” she said.

As soon as you walk in, it feels comfortable and cozy, but not crowded. The store also features unique items made by local artisans, including glasswork by Ian Dawson. Unique upcycled lamp and side table by Sorenson Jacob. Adorable handmade earrings from WhimsyCalls. Candles from Hometown Candle. The bracelet and magnet are by Abby, a 10-year-old budding entrepreneur.

Davis, who is also a member of the Bowling Green Arts Council, highlights the work of local artists each month. December’s featured artists are Linda Shetzer.

We also offer hands-on activities for small groups, such as earring making and craft painting. She has not yet planned any small group events at the new shop, but has been doing them in people’s homes and other local venues.

Holiday hours are Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6 PM and Sunday from noon to 5 PM.

Davis signed up for an outdoor business in time for the BG Holiday Parade and is excited about the new location. “We have lived in Bowling Green for 20 years and have never felt a community like this. I love being a part of the downtown Bowling Green community.”

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