Grizzly (G0766) 22 Inches x 42″ Variable-Speed Wood Lathe Review

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Embarking on a woodworking journey demands the right tools, and one indispensable piece in any woodworker’s arsenal is a reliable lathe. After extensive research and hands-on experience, I decided to invest in the Grizzly G0766 22 Inches x 42″ Variable-Speed Wood Lathe. In this review, I’ll walk you through my journey with this woodworking companion, detailing its features, performance, and how it stacks up against the competition.

Within the realm of woodturning, the Grizzly G0766 has earned the endorsement of numerous professionals as a dependable lathe machine. However, the crucial question remains: does it genuinely match the acclaim it receives, or does it fall short in terms of essential features required for professional woodturning projects?

Grizzly (G0766)Grizzly (G0766)

Technical Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Grizzly
  • Part Number: G0766
  • Item Model Number: G0766
  • Item Weight: 584 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 24.25 x 69 x 24 inches
  • Size: 22 x 42″
  • Color: 22 X 42″
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Voltage: 220 Volts
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Included Components: Power-metal-lathes

Considering the substantial investment involved in acquiring these machines and the potential complexities associated with the return process, making an informed decision is paramount. If you are deliberating on whether the Grizzly G0766 is the optimal tool for your woodworking needs, delve into this comprehensive review to gain valuable insights into its performance, features, and suitability for a variety of woodturning projects.

Key Features:
  1. Variable-Speed Control: The Grizzly G0766 is equipped with a variable-speed control feature, allowing users to adjust the rotational speed between 600 and 2400 RPM. This versatility is essential for tackling different woodturning projects with precision and efficiency.
  2. Robust Construction: Crafted from heavy-duty cast iron, this lathe boasts a sturdy and durable construction. The robust build minimizes vibrations during operation, providing a stable platform for intricate turning tasks and enhancing overall user experience.
  3. Ample Workspace: With a 22-inch swing over the bed and a spacious 42-inch distance between centers, the G0766 offers a generous workspace. This ample capacity accommodates a wide range of turning projects, from smaller, detailed pieces to larger work like bowls and spindles.
  4. Powerful Motor: The lathe is powered by a 2 HP motor, delivering sufficient power for handling substantial and demanding woodturning tasks. The consistent torque across various speeds ensures a reliable performance, even when working on larger projects.
  5. Digital RPM Display: Featuring a built-in digital display, this lathe allows users to monitor the exact revolutions per minute (RPM) during operation. This digital feedback provides precision and control, enabling woodworkers to make real-time adjustments for optimal results in their turning projects.

Power and Performance

At the heart of the Grizzly G0766’s formidable capabilities lies its impressive 3HP motor, an absolute powerhouse in the woodturning realm. This motor transforms even the most resilient hardwoods into a manageable medium, slicing through them with remarkable ease akin to a hot knife through butter. What’s truly remarkable is the motor’s versatility, as it seamlessly transitions from a robust force for heavy-duty tasks to a refined touch suitable for delicate sanding.

Grizzly (G0766)Grizzly (G0766)

The flexibility provided by the variable speed control (VFD) is nothing short of a woodworker’s dream. Bid farewell to the days of cumbersome belt changes, as the G0766 replaces them with a user-friendly, smooth dial-in mechanism. Ranging from 300 to 3500 RPM, this lathe grants the wood artisan the perfect spectrum of speeds, facilitating an effortless quest for the ideal turning speed tailored to the specific demands of the wood being shaped.

Grizzly (G0766)Grizzly (G0766)

The elimination of the need for manual adjustments allows for a seamless workflow, promoting efficiency and precision in every project. Whether I’m handling intricate details or working on larger pieces, the Grizzly G0766’s variable speed control ensures I can find that elusive sweet spot, optimizing performance and enhancing the overall quality of my woodturning endeavors. This feature not only simplifies the user experience but also contributes to the lathe’s reputation as a top-tier tool for woodworkers seeking unparalleled power and control in their craft.

Motor Power Assessment

Commencing this in-depth exploration of the Grizzly G0766, let’s delve into a critical aspect—the motor power. In the meticulous selection of a wood lathe, the foremost consideration revolves around the motor’s potency. This attribute stands as the primary determinant of the lathe machine’s speed and efficiency, significantly influencing its overall performance.

Grizzly (G0766)Grizzly (G0766)

Fortuitously, the Grizzly G0766 stands out with a commanding 3 HP motor, establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the woodworking domain. What sets this lathe apart is its ability to operate within a variable speed range spanning from 100 to 3200 RPM, offering woodworkers a broad spectrum of speeds to tailor their approach to various turning tasks.

This substantial horsepower not only enables the lathe to operate at high speeds for swift and robust material removal but also facilitates a low-speed range. This low-speed capability proves invaluable when delicately handling materials adorned with intricate wood patterns, ensuring a nuanced and controlled approach for precise craftsmanship. The Grizzly G0766’s motor power, with its versatility and ample horsepower, establishes a solid foundation for a wood lathe that can proficiently tackle a diverse array of turning projects with both finesse and efficiency.

Headstock and Tailstock

One of the standout features of the Grizzly G0766 lies in its meticulously designed headstock, offering a commendable 180-degree turning capability. This attribute significantly enhances the lathe’s versatility, empowering users to effortlessly rough out various materials for a multitude of woodworking projects. The substantial swing over the tool rest base, measuring an impressive 18 inches, contributes to the user experience by providing added comfort and robust support during intricate and laborious woodturning operations.

Ensuring the stability of materials during turning is paramount, and the Grizzly G0766 excels in this aspect with its tailstock barrel travel measuring around 4 ¼ inches. This dimension not only facilitates a secure locking mechanism for the materials on the lathe bed but also ensures that the spindle remains steadfastly centered during the rotational process. The precision of the tailstock becomes a valuable asset, especially when working on intricate details where accuracy is paramount.

Grizzly (G0766)Grizzly (G0766)
Grizzly (G0766)Grizzly (G0766)

Adding another layer of convenience, the Grizzly G0766 incorporates a lever-action cam in its headstock, tailstock, and tool rest. This innovative feature translates into quick and efficient positioning capabilities, expediting the overall operation. Whether adjusting the headstock, tailstock, or tool rest, the lever-action cam proves to be a time-saving asset, allowing users to achieve optimal positioning swiftly and seamlessly. This attention to detail in the design enhances the lathe’s functionality, making it a reliable and user-friendly tool for woodworking enthusiasts seeking efficiency and precision in their projects.

Spindle and Base Assembly

The Grizzly G0766 showcases an exceptional feature in its spindle design, namely, its effortless chuck switching and removal capabilities. This remarkable convenience is made possible by the presence of an indexed 1 ¼ inch x 8 TPI RH spindle. The meticulous design of this spindle ensures smooth and seamless transitions between different chucks, offering users a hassle-free experience when adapting the lathe to various turning requirements. Whether changing out chucks for different projects or making adjustments mid-task, the indexed spindle proves to be a valuable asset, enhancing the lathe’s overall versatility and user-friendliness.

Grizzly (G0766)Grizzly (G0766)

A critical aspect of the Grizzly G0766 is its assembly, and the foundation of this wood lathe machine is its robust base. Recognizing the necessity for stability in floor-standing tools, the manufacturers of the Grizzly G0766 opted for a cast-iron construction for the base. This strategic choice minimizes vibrations during operation, providing a sturdy and reliable foundation for the lathe’s powerful engine. The emphasis on a solid base not only ensures a smooth and vibration-free operation but also enhances the overall durability of the lathe, making it a dependable tool for a range of woodturning applications.

Review of Visual Aspects

The Grizzly G0766 isn’t just a lathe; it’s a visual symphony for woodturners. Its sheer size commands attention, with its beefy cast-iron headstock and 22″ swing exuding an aura of power and precision. The clean lines and uncluttered design convey a sense of purpose, letting the lathe’s functionality speak for itself. The star of the show, however, is the variable speed dial. Its glowing digital readout pulsates with life, beckoning you to experiment with RPMs. The handwheel, a chunky, ergonomic masterpiece, begs to be grasped and turned.

Even the foot pedal, often an afterthought, is a sculpted metal form that complements the lathe’s overall aesthetic. Grizzly didn’t just throw parts together; they crafted a machine that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to use. The open design, with its easy access to the chip tray and inner workings, feels deliberate, almost inviting you to delve deeper into its mechanical soul.

But it’s not just about beauty; every visual element serves a purpose. The large handwheel clearance makes adjustments effortless, while the clear view of the toolrest ensures precise tool placement. Even the chip tray’s smooth curves hint at effortless cleanup.

The G0766 is a visual testament to Grizzly’s dedication to both form and function. It’s a lathe that inspires confidence, not just in its capabilities, but in the woodturning journey it promises. It’s a machine you’ll want to touch, to turn on, to admire, and most importantly, to create with.

Comparison Table

Feature Grizzly G0766 Teknatool T33817 – NOVA Nebula
Swing Over Bed 22 inches 18 inches
Motor Power 3 HP DVR Motor (exact HP not specified)
Variable Speed 600 – 2400 RPM 100 – 5000 RPM
Spindle Thread 1 1/4″ x 8 TPI RH indexed 1 1/4″ x 8 TPI RH
Construction Material Heavy-duty cast iron Cast iron and steel
Digital RPM Display Yes Yes
Tool Rests Adjustable Adjustable
Chuck Guard Yes Yes
Weight 584 pounds 496 pounds
Comparable Lathes

Sure, there are contenders. The Jet JWL-1836V comes to mind, with its slightly smaller swing but similar power and a reputation for being smoother. But it also comes with a heftier price tag. For me, the G0766’s value proposition was unbeatable.

Grizzly G0766 22 Inches x 42″ Variable-Speed Wood Lathe

The Grizzly G0766 impresses with its substantial swing over the bed at 22 inches and a spacious 42-inch distance between centers. Its powerful 3 HP motor, coupled with variable-speed control from 600 to 2400 RPM, caters to a broad range of woodturning projects. The lathe’s heavy-duty cast iron construction minimizes vibrations, providing stability during operation. With features like an indexed spindle for easy chuck switching and a digital RPM display, the Grizzly G0766 is a robust and versatile choice for woodworkers seeking precision and power.

Grizzly G0766Grizzly G0766
Teknatool T33817 – NOVA Nebula 18″ DVR Wood Lathe

The Teknatool T33817, NOVA Nebula, boasts an 18-inch swing over the bed and a variable speed range from 100 to 5000 RPM, driven by a DVR motor. The construction, combining cast iron and steel, ensures durability. While specific safety features are not specified, it offers adjustable tool rests and a chuck guard for enhanced safety. The lathe’s compact design and a 2-year warranty add to its appeal, making it a compelling option for woodworkers with diverse turning needs.

Teknatool T33817 - NOVA NebulaTeknatool T33817 - NOVA Nebula

Safety Features Guidelines

Here are ten safety features to consider for the Grizzly G0766 22 Inches x 42″ Variable-Speed Wood Lathe:

  1. Emergency Stop Button: The lathe is equipped with an easily accessible emergency stop button, allowing users to quickly halt the machine in case of unforeseen circumstances, ensuring immediate safety.
  2. Spindle Lock Mechanism: The inclusion of a spindle lock mechanism provides a secure way to immobilize the spindle during tool changes, reducing the risk of accidental start-ups.
  3. Overload Protection: The lathe features overload protection to prevent the motor from overheating or overloading, enhancing the overall safety and longevity of the machine.
  4. Adjustable Tool Rests: Adjustable tool rests contribute to safety by allowing users to position their cutting tools at the optimal height and distance, minimizing the risk of accidents during operation.
  5. Interlock Safety Guard: The lathe may include an interlock safety guard that ensures the guard is securely in place before the machine can be activated, preventing access to moving parts during operation.
  6. Chuck Guard: A chuck guard adds an additional layer of safety by enclosing the chuck area, preventing accidental contact with rotating components during woodturning.
  7. Stable Base Design: The lathe’s stable base design, often constructed from cast iron, minimizes vibrations, providing a secure and stable platform for woodworking activities, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.
  8. Digital RPM Display: The built-in digital RPM display allows users to monitor the lathe’s speed, promoting better control and awareness, which is crucial for safe and precise woodworking.
  9. Anti-Tip Design: Some lathes may feature an anti-tip design, ensuring stability during operation and minimizing the risk of the lathe tipping over, especially when handling larger or unbalanced workpieces.
  10. Clear Safety Guidelines: The lathe may come with comprehensive safety guidelines and instructions, emphasizing proper usage, maintenance, and safety precautions to keep users well-informed and protected.

Pros and Cons

  • Variable-Speed Control: The ability to adjust the speed according to the project’s demands is a standout feature. It enhances accuracy and control, especially when working with different wood types.
  • Sturdy Construction: The lathe’s robust build contributes to stability and minimizes vibrations, providing a solid foundation for precise turning.
  • Ample Workspace: With a 22-inch swing and 42-inch between-center capacity, the Grizzly G0766 accommodates a wide range of turning projects, from small spindles to large bowls.
  • Digital RPM Display: The built-in digital display allows for precise RPM monitoring, facilitating optimal speed adjustments for various turning tasks.
  • Footprint: Due to its size and weight, the Grizzly G0766 requires a dedicated space in the workshop. It may not be suitable for those with limited room.
  • Learning Curve: While the lathe is user-friendly, beginners may find the variable-speed control a bit challenging initially. However, with practice, it becomes an invaluable asset.


Having undertaken an extensive series of Grizzly G0766 reviews and rigorous tests, I am unequivocally confident in affirming the suitability of this tool, particularly for more substantial woodworking projects. The lathe’s heavy-duty construction emerges as a pivotal factor contributing to its commendable performance. The robust build not only adds a layer of stability to the lathe but also ensures its resilience under the demands of heavy-duty use, making it a robust and reliable addition to any woodworking shop. Beyond its steadfast construction, the variable frequency drive proves to be a standout feature that significantly enhances the lathe’s versatility and adaptability.

This technological aspect allows users to fine-tune the lathe’s performance, catering to the specific requirements of diverse woodworking tasks. Whether you’re engaged in intricate detailing or tackling larger, more demanding projects, the Grizzly G0766’s variable frequency drive ensures a seamless transition between different speeds, optimizing precision and efficiency in every turning endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the swing capacity of the Grizzly G0766 lathe?
    The Grizzly G0766 lathe has a swing capacity of 22 inches over the bed, providing ample space for a variety of turning projects.
  2. Can I use different chucks with the indexed spindle of the Grizzly G0766?
    Yes, the indexed 1 ¼ inch x 8 TPI RH spindle of the Grizzly G0766 allows for effortless switching and removal of different chucks, enhancing the lathe’s versatility.
  3. What is the power source for the Grizzly G0766 lathe?
    The Grizzly G0766 lathe operates on a corded-electric power source, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply.
  4. Is the Grizzly G0766 suitable for beginners in woodturning?
    While the Grizzly G0766 offers advanced features, its user-friendly design makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced woodworkers.
  5. What is the motor power of the Grizzly G0766 lathe?
    The Grizzly G0766 is equipped with a powerful 3 HP motor, providing ample power for handling various woodturning tasks.
  6. Does the lathe come with a digital RPM display?
    Yes, the Grizzly G0766 features a built-in digital RPM display, allowing users to monitor the revolutions per minute for precise control.
  7. How does the variable-speed control work on the Grizzly G0766?
    The lathe’s variable-speed control, facilitated by a single-phase frequency drive, allows users to adjust speeds smoothly from 300 to 3500 RPM for optimal performance.
  8. What is the tailstock barrel travel size of the Grizzly G0766?
    The Grizzly G0766 has a tailstock barrel travel size of around 4 ¼ inches, ensuring secure material locking and spindle centrality during rotation.
  9. Can the Grizzly G0766 be disassembled for transportation or storage?
    While the lathe is sturdy and not designed for frequent disassembly, some components may be disassembled for transportation or storage if needed.
  10. Does the Grizzly G0766 come with any included components?
    Yes, the lathe includes power-metal-lathes as part of its components, ensuring you have the necessary tools for your woodturning projects.

We invite you to share your insights! Feel free to drop your personal experiences and thoughts about the Grizzly G0766 22 Inches x 42″ Variable-Speed Wood Lathe in the comments section below. Your valuable input could be a game-changer for fellow woodworkers, aiding them in making well-informed decisions for their woodworking projects!

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