Watch a master woodworker make Christmas ornaments

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woodworker frank howarth makes Christmas decorations every year and shows the process of making seasonal trinkets in videos. However, the video is more than a simple how-to presentation. They are small works of art that feature time-lapses, minimal language, and even stop-motion photography.

In this 11-minute video, Howarth makes what he calls an “inside-out Christmas ornament” with a mini Christmas tree inside. It’s fascinating to watch skilled craftsmen at work, especially turning wood on a lathe. He also interrupts the process of picking and cutting down his family’s Christmas tree at the tree farm. Watch the video above, relax and enjoy.

Many of today’s Christmas trees feature a combination of glass and plastic ornaments. Handcrafted wooden objects like the one Howarth made would be noticeable today, but they would have been a bit of a rarity a few hundred years ago.

inside 16th centurypeople decorated the tree with apples. They also used other edible items they had on hand, such as different types of fruit, nuts, and candy canes.

Early non-edible ornaments were usually made of glass. An 18th century German glass blower, Hans Greiner, began making red spheres called apples as a substitute for apples. boring things to prune trees. His work became increasingly popular, and other artisans began creating their own glass ornaments as well. By the end of the 18th century, baubles had spread from Europe to the United States, and F.W. Woolworth was making something more. $25 million We sell decorations every year.

Advances in technology meant that previously handmade ornaments became mass-produced, and in the 20th century ornaments made from materials such as plastic and silver entered the holiday scene.

A version of this story originally aired in 2016. Updated for 2023.

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