Lawyer Lin Wood says he is not an enemy of Trump despite being named state witness in Georgia case

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Lin Wood, the lawyer who filed the lawsuit seeking to overturn former President Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential election, said he did not condemn Trump even after Georgia prosecutors named him as a witness. .

Buried in 103 pages of court documents filed Wednesday, the office of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) said Wood was facing 18 charges against Trump and others in Georgia, including racketeering and collusion. He pointed out that he was a witness in a criminal case against a person.

In an interview with The Hill, Wood said he was only responding to a subpoena.

Asked if he had rebelled against Trump, Wood said: “There’s no truth to that.”

A special grand jury that reviewed evidence from the investigation for months recommended indicting Wood, but prosecutors ultimately chose not to indict him last month, along with Trump and 18 others. Wood previously indicated he had been subpoenaed to appear before a special grand jury.

Wood said he received a subpoena last week to testify at next month’s trial after the indictment was filed. He dismissed the notion that any agreement had been reached with prosecutors.

“I will always comply with the subpoena and appear in court. I will testify just as I would before a grand jury and answer their questions truthfully,” Wood said.

Only two of the defendants, Trump-allied lawyers Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell, are scheduled to go on trial in October, but the indictment of Trump and others will proceed at a slow pace. Become.

Both Mr. Wood and Mr. Powell were involved in filing lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results based on unsubstantiated claims of massive election fraud, although Mr. Wood actually represented Mr. Trump. I had never served.

Wood retired this summer and waived his law license to avoid facing disbarment proceedings for his post-election efforts.

Mr. Powell is charged with breaking into an election office in Coffee County, Georgia, but Mr. Wood said those charges are unrelated.

“I continue to struggle to understand why I’m being dragged into this situation,” Wood said.

Prosecutors disclosed Wood as a witness as part of court documents identifying potential conflicts of interest for six attorneys representing various defendants in the case.

Mr. Willis’ office is at odds with Harry McDougald, the lawyer representing Trump Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, who will not appear at trial in October but was previously Mr. Wood’s co-counsel. He said it was possible.

“L. Lin Wood is a state witness in this case,” prosecutors wrote. “Mr. McDougald’s former client and co-counsel will be cross-examined by him if he remains attorney of record in this case.”

The Hill has reached out to McDougald for comment.

“There is no dispute. We intend to respond to the motion in due course,” said Chris Anulewicz, who represents attorney Bob Chealey, one of the defendants.

Mr. Willis’ office said Mr. Anulewicz could be at odds because he previously represented Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) and is a witness himself.

Mr. Willis also said there could be a conflict because Scott Grubman, the attorney representing Mr. Chesebro, is representing Mr. Raffensperger and his wife.

Mr. Grubman countered later that day, saying in court filings that he had only represented the Raffensperger family in his personal capacity “for a short period of time,” and that they and Mr. Chesebro had He wrote that he had signed a waiver agreeing to continue.

“Mr. Grubman would have notified the District Attorney’s Office of such informed consent had he contacted the District Attorney’s Office prior to filing the notification,” Grubman wrote. “The state did not extend typical professional decorum.”

The Hill has contacted four other attorneys also identified as potential conflicts for comment.

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