Floyd Mayweather praises soon-to-be pro Carmel Morton: “Lee Wood is a good opponent so far!”

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Do you know the name Carmel Morton? me too. But according to Floyd “Money” Mayweather, we all will, and soon. Mayweather said in another interview with FightHype that he would face Morton and current WBA featherweight champion Lee Wood right away, even though Morton has yet to make his pro debut.

Mayweather said of his newest prospect:

“What is the name of the 126 fighter?” Wood? he is a champion Lee Wood. I have Carmel Morton at 126 pounds…that would be a good match right now,” Mayweather said. “He’s turned pro and now it’s a good matchup. I’m saying it’s a good fight. I don’t know who his promoter is, but it’s a good fight. I’ll tell you – Right now. Listen, we don’t miss a chance to be great. All I’m saying is this is a good fight. I’m not punching the fighter (Wood). No, and I’m not saying anything bad about him. What I’m saying is that Lee Wood and a guy named Carmel Morton would be good opponents. If his promoter… [Eddie Hearn], one thing about Eddie is he’s a good businessman and I’m a good businessman.So if he [Wood] If he wants to get past the next guy and match up with us, we need to make it happen. If our guys are 1-0 or 0-0, we’re going to go out there and fight – I’m going to put in all my money. ”

This is a big story for Mayweather, but he still seems serious. Wood, a two-time WBA featherweight champion with a record of 27-3-16, will next face British rival Josh Warrington in a highly anticipated bout in Sheffield in October. But then what if Wood wins? who knows? History shows that fighters have challenged for a world title in their professional debut (Pete Rademacher did so in 1957 at heavyweight). But it’s almost unprecedented.

So how good is Morton? While still in his teens Morton has won numerous amateur titles (he is an 18-time national champion) and has already tanked with his top names such as Davis (to whom he has been compared). Masu. Morton, a naturally gifted fighter, has been under Mayweather’s tutelage for some time now. Morton’s amateur record is 135 fights with just two losses.

Floyd has previously said he feels Morton will be “the next Floyd Mayweather.” we will see. But Mayweather sees no problem in moving high-profile players quickly. It would be interesting to know Lee Wood’s take on Floyd’s remarks. Would Eddie Hearn be interested in having a fight between Wood and Morton if Wood beats Warrington?

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