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Dave finds some experts in the art of woodworking.

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – There was more sawdust flying around the Trade Center than you could shake a stick at last weekend.

Speaking of sticks, that’s actually what’s going on here. Pick up the wooden stick. Any size. Let’s put it on a lathe…and…turn it into something. Anything is possible.

This was the 36th American Woodturners Association Annual Symposium.

More than 1,000 manufacturers from around the world come together to learn, share, sell and celebrate the art of wood turning.

Kim Reimer, Marketing and Communications/AAW;
“Woodturning can be enjoyed by anyone from the age of 8 to 108, on a large or small scale. You can make something complex or very simple, from bowls to chair legs. Or Also for various types of sculptures.”

Woodworking is a craft that dates back thousands of years. Turning and engraving allows you to make a variety of things that you wouldn’t normally associate with a wood lathe. Take a look at some of the items up for sale. Cowboy hats are a prime example. It requires a lot of skill.
But you can’t reach that level of marksmanship unless you have the right mindset.

Sammy Long, woodturner/sculptor.
“It can be difficult… if you’re not having fun. It’s a great hobby. It’s a fun hobby. Like anything, if you enjoy it, you’ll get better at it.”

The convention featured many demonstrations in addition to many educational sessions. There are many specialized techniques for creating works of art.

All is well with these woodworkers. Because it is a huge part of their existence!!

Kim Reimer, Communications/AAW;
“Many people say they reach an almost “Zen-like” feeling. They say it calms the mind and brings creative emotions. It’s lonely in a very busy life. ”

Sammy Long, woodturner/sculptor.
“I’m passionate about it. It’s a good experience to be a part of. And it’s a really fun hobby that I can get into.”

Due to the pandemic, this was AAW’s first live convention since 2019.

For these woodcutters, it was a glorious return.

From Downtown Chattanooga, Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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