Good luck with the lathe tonight: his Parkinson’s recovery.

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Will you succeed in a demanding job? All of today’s work.

He considers himself lucky, but he’s not always lucky. Wright is no stranger to challenges.

Navigate juvenile parkinson’s disease He was diagnosed at just 44 years old and endured tremors, pain and stiffness. Seek help and understanding to fight this progressive disease. Please undergo surgery. Look for solutions. And why not become a passionate advocate for Parkinson’s disease awareness? It’s all done in one night’s work, after the day’s work is done.

trudging through concrete

One night in September 2014, on his way home from work, he noticed his right foot involuntarily “bounce” on the gas pedal. strange. But “I didn’t really think about it,” Wright said.

Strangely, that night, as he lay in bed, his right hand began to shake. “Again, I didn’t think much of it.” That is, until he couldn’t ignore it anymore. His right hand started shaking, which meant his brain was sending signals to his body causing involuntary movements more and more often.

A few months later, while holding hands with my wife, TJ, she noticed involuntary tremors. As her nurse, she took a closer look. “It’s just doing it,” he said. It’s not enough. She insisted that he look into it. He listened, as any good spouse would. He once again considers himself lucky to have found a neurologist in April 2015 who was able to quickly identify the cause of his tremors.

Juvenile Parkinson’s disease.

“It was almost a relief to get that diagnosis at that point. We had no idea what was going on,” he said. “I started right away. carbidopa/levodopa, which is a kind of “gold standard” Parkinson’s disease drug. I was given more medication, but it wore off quickly. In some cases, a single dose lasted only 30 minutes. ”

For the next four years, Wright took up to 20 pills a day, but still suffered from tremors and associated pain and stiffness.

As I said earlier, it’s not all about luck.

As it turns out, his Parkinson’s disease is progressing faster than originally expected. many Faster than anyone had hoped.

“I was shaking, I stuttered, the words got stuck on the tip of my tongue and wouldn’t come out,” he said. “My wife and I tried to go for a walk, but we were walking slowly and couldn’t keep our balance. My whole body felt like it was in concrete.”

optimistic but realistic

By 2018, he recalled having difficulty functioning well at work, being unable to do “almost anything at home,” experiencing pain and irritation, and having trouble sleeping. His favorite hobby, woodworking, was also impossible. “His hands curled up and his muscles tensed,” he said.

While attending online and in-person Parkinson’s disease support groups and meeting other people living with Parkinson’s disease, Wright has learned how to use a pacemaker-like device to send targeted signals to areas of the brain to reduce symptoms. I learned about deep brain stimulation (DBS) technology that can help alleviate this. Like a tremor.

He knew that DBS was not a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Still, Wright thought, “If I can improve by 10 or 15 percent, I’ll win.”

He discussed DBS with his neurologist and expressed a particular interest in our treatment. Infinity DBS SystemHe knew he could make updates and adjustments without removing the battery.

“I knew DBS was an option,” he said. “But my frustration was that I didn’t expect to have to get DBS this early. What bothered me the most was that it showed progression of the disease. At a young age. If diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the progression of the disease should slow down. My biggest fear was thinking, “Will I be able to hold my grandchildren and walk around without a walker?” But there was hope for DBS. ”

Finally, in March 2019, he received the Infinity DBS system.

“I wasn’t scared to go in,” he said. “I was optimistic, but realistic.”

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