Koen Boersma brings back woodwork with totem style

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This series features a striking turned profile with contrasting rounded and rectangular shapes.

Netherlands-based designer Koen Boersma has created a series of decorative objects called “A Different Turn” as a homage to the dyeing craft of wood lathes, highlighting the craft with innovative processes and unique aesthetics. did.

Boasma wanted to distance himself from traditional hand-sawn wooden designs. “It quickly becomes old-fashioned objects like bowls and vases.” he explains. “We wanted to see if we could create a different, more contemporary look.” To do this, Boersma started with a piece of ash in the shape of a beam and painted it black before placing it on the lathe.

Subsequent lathing created a contrast between the natural color of the newly rounded ash wood and the flat, black areas of the untouched beams. The collection’s final totem-like look is the result of experimentation. “Ultimately, we developed the pattern by drawing inspiration from a variety of tools and choosing to go deep into the forest.” he explains. Once Boasma is satisfied with the shape, he applies a discreet varnish to protect the surface without changing the color.

The time it takes to make each piece varies depending on the size of the wood.. Objects that require narrow pieces can be manufactured faster as they require less preparation before turning, but for pieces wider than 6cm, Boersma glues together several ash boards. is needed. This is to prevent the wood from splintering, which he says is more likely because the rectangular shape of his design requires many individual cuts in the surface rather than a continuous carving process. Masu.

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Koen Boersma revives dying wood lathe

“A love for dying wood crafts, in the netherlands, That’s what shaped this series, with tools traditionally used for turning providing inspiration for the design. ” Borsma says. Today, Boersma’s process involves creating decorative vessels without a specific function in mind, although some pieces have naturally evolved into candlesticks and vases.

After displaying the work during Dutch Design Week in October, the company said it received a lot of interest from people who wanted to see the work in a variety of colors. His plan is to experiment with natural ways to alter and enhance the natural surface of wood.

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