Voodo won court cases against studios and publishers who copied its woodturning techniques.

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Hyper-casual gaming giant Voodoo has won a lawsuit against Istanbul-based Zynga-affiliated publisher Rollic Games and developer Hero Games, alleging that Hero Games copied key elements of Voodoo’s hit games. Woodworking lathe.

Woodworking lathe processing - 3D

Woodworking lathe

In January 2020, Hero updated the wood carving game Lumber store According to Voodoo, they have introduced new features that replicate distinctive elements. Woodworking latheThese reportedly included “sanding and painting stages and the use of real-world objects rather than abstract forms.” Financial Times. Continue Lumber storeAfter the January update, Voodoo filed a takedown notice. After Hero and Rollic refused to remove the games from the app store, Voodoo took the matter of alleged plagiarism to a Paris court. This month, the legal battle was settled with a ruling in Voodoo’s favor.

Rollic and Hero Games must now pay Voodoo 125,000 euros in economic and reputational damage for “unfair competition and parasitism”. Lumber store The app will also be removed from Google Play and the App Store, and its developer and publisher will be required to publish an announcement about the ruling in three newspapers or magazines selected by Voodoo.

The ruling sets an important precedent for the hyper-casual market, which has been plagued by cloning issues.

“For us [at Voodoo] “Having a legal precedent is important, and we want to eliminate these practices from the market,” said Nassim Ameli-Jouffroy, general counsel at Voodoo. “In the hyper-casual space, there is very little precedent for where the boundaries are for protecting games.”

Another measure against clones is that Voodoo has “faster roadmaps and invests heavily in copied games to ensure the originals are always better than the copies.”

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