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It’s a very simple premise. This means making a Dyson-style bladeless fan out of wood. Execution of the completed fan, Done and photographed by [Neil] From Pask Makes on YouTube, but spectacular. He created the entire body of the fan using only scrap wood from a local cutting board shop and using some interesting manufacturing methods.

To plan a circular design for the body, [Neil] He used an online calculator to measure the specific cuts in wood needed to form the cylinder from the glued trapezoidal pieces. Once the rough shape was created, he used the template to precisely rotate the air passages from his two main parts of the fan body. Next, use SketchUp to determine what shape you need to cut out of the base to attach the top. From there, it’s just a matter of drilling a slot for the air intake. He does this using an ingenious custom jig that simply attaches the internals of a standard fan to a new wooden body.

This video is definitely worth watching if you have 30 minutes to spare after the break, and while it may not be detailed enough to be used as a tutorial, it certainly provides an overview of his method and the tools used. That’s enough to impress us. And the finished build looks beautiful! If you’re looking for more impressive woodwork, check out our luxurious wood reproduction of the Commodore 64 case. But if you’re not satisfied with the handcrafted nature, we present professional-looking custom His caliper cases made with CNC and laser engraving.

[Thanks to Tobias for the tip!]

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