Free Introduction to Wood Turning at Los Alamos Maker

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Stephen Williams of Los Alamos Makers Community Lumber Store.Provided by/Los Alamos Makers

Los Alamos Makers News:

Los Alamos Makers is pleased to introduce Stefan Williams to our community.

Williams moved to Los Alamos in 2015 and is active as a member and volunteer in the local makerspace. He will be teaching a free introduction to wood lathes on Friday, January 17th at 6:30pm as part of his Los Alamos Woodworking Meetup.

The event will be followed by an actual “bowl or pen spinning” class on Saturday, January 18th at 1:00 p.m.

Williams explained how he became interested in woodworking.

“My grandfather was a cabinet maker and passed away before I met him, but my mother continues the family woodworking tradition by making small household items,” he said. “While working on my PhD at the University of Tennessee, my professor always carried around a unique wooden pen. When I asked him where he bought it, he replied, ‘I made it.’ It’s here. Shortly after, he introduced me to the university’s makerspace, where I was able to learn woodworking from his fellow students. ”

Williams is familiar with makerspaces and one of his friends was involved with Los Alamos Makers, so he joined a local makerspace after moving to Los Alamos.

He jumped at the opportunity to share his skills with the community.

“Teaching and learning from others is my passion. I can’t say I’m a great woodworker, but the learning process has always been fun,” Williams said. “Having a teacher in the woodshop makes learning the craft safer. The safer you are, the more comfortable you are with the tools in the shop and the more creatively you can work. Masu.”

“Williams is one of the kindest and brightest people we’ve ever met, so the class should be a lot of fun!”

If you are interested in woodworking or are a woodworking enthusiast, please join us at a local woodworking networking event.

All events at Los Alamos Makers are listed on the organization’s Eventbrite page.

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