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A stream of young people got a first-hand look into the educational and life-enhancing world of woodturning at this year’s Colorado State Fair, courtesy of the Pueblo Woodturners Club.

The club was founded by 17 local woodworkers in 2003. Currently, there are 28 active members, mostly from Pueblo and Pueblo West, with representation from La Veta and Aguilar.

“As a chapter of the American Society of Woodturners, we support the society’s mission of ‘providing education, information and organization to those interested in woodturning,’” said spokesman Russell Dewey.

“And our regional mission statement is, ‘To share problems we encounter, develop solutions, solicit input and insight from our peers, and provide education during monthly meetings.’”

Dewey said the goal of the fair is to expose young men and women to the skill of wood turning and “show them that it encompasses the math of algebra (calculating the volume of a pet urn) and geometry (the shape of the container and the contours of the cutting tool)” which “correlates with the STEM efforts currently taking place in our schools.”

“Also, because many schools have eliminated industrial arts programs over the past 20 years or so, many young students are unaware of the career opportunities available to skilled tradespeople. We hope that by being exposed to new possibilities, they will awaken a passion for fields they were not aware of.”

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